Wednesday, February 25, 2009

look both ways

Since childhood, I have had trouble accepting the existence of a Higher Power. I have always had a logical and factual approach to the world, sometimes to a fault. Although I realize that humans are not capable of hearing, seeing or understanding all things, the concept of a God has never resonated with me. I have, however, grown to accept the power of positive and negative energy--in a word, karma. I have experienced the difference between exuding positive or negative energy in my every day life. When I "get out on the wrong side of the bed," it's because I allow difficulties early on to destroy my perception of the rest of the day. Today could have easily been one of those days.

In a rush this morning, my wallet fell to the floor of the cab I was riding in. Before I realized it was missing, the cab was long gone. Already late to a 9 o'clock appointment, I panicked. What could I do? Not much. I filed a lost property report with the city, cancelled my credit card, froze my bank account and kept breathing. At this moment, I had a decision to make. I could catastrophize--"I lost my wallet, everything of value, my life, and certainly my day, is ruined." Or, I could accept the situation and move forward.

I know that I cannot control my world. But, I have total control over how I respond to it. You know the phrase, "let go and let God?" Well, God or not, I let go. I certainly didn't hope for the best, but I didn't waste energy expecting the worst either.
Proving that there are good people in the world, despite an economic recession, my wallet was returned with everything, including cash, in it (less than 8 hours later!). I still have a hard time believing that my positive energy, and the prayers of others, were the reason my wallet was returned. But, by accepting that I could not predict or alter the outcome of this situation by obsessing and panicking, I enjoyed my day and got my wallet back.

Higher Power or not, I'll be checking the seat and floor of every cab I ride in from now on.

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