Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Rules

Adapted from the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders’ group rules, to guide entries and discussion on this site and in our everyday lives.

1. No 3 or 4-letter “F-words,” fat, fine or the “infamous”
Why? Fat is physical matter, not a feeling; saying “I’m fine” is always less than what you actually mean; and the infamous f-word keeps us all from better ways of articulating what we really want to say

2. No weights, calories or numbers

3. Speak in the “I,” not in the “we”
By telling my story I hope to help others, but I will never assume that “we” are all thinking, feeling or acting the same way

4. Confidentiality is key
Unless you’d like to, you do not have to identify yourself in any way that will allow other users to know your real name or personal information

5. Talking to others is fine, but talking about them is not

6. Don’t tell anyone they’re wrong or don’t deserve to be here – we are all different


  1. I'm obsessed with you. Kudos to you for starting this blog that will not only help you get through this battle but will help other people (and it's extremely well written).

    You're amazing and I'm excited to help you stay on your feet. So glad I can be a part of your life. Here's some things about yourself you should keep in mind:

    A few reasons you're amazing.
    - you're absolutely adorable, no one could meet you and not like you, inside and out
    - you have a SICK job anyone would kill for
    - you live in the best city in the world with an amazing roommate who would do anything for you
    - you're one of the smartest people I've ever met.
    - I used to have the same issue about feeling like not being the best wasn't good enough. But I learned (as you are learning now) it's better to be able to do a lot of things and do them well, than to have only one talent. You are multifaceted and can tackle whatever you put your mind to.
    - You have motivation, a huge heart and a passion for life that is contagious.
    - You have family and friends that love you tons and will be there for you always.

    I'm so proud to call you my friend.

    Love you always,

  2. Alyson, you are incredible. Thank you. One thing I've learned is to be selective with who I let in. I need to look at the people in my life and pull closer the ones who help me through my struggles, and pull away from the ones who are simply distractions. YOU, my dear, I'm pulling closer.