Tuesday, March 17, 2009

survival skills

In recovery, part of my every day life is implementing healthy coping skills. Some are cognitive, but many are active -- ways to distract myself from acting on old symptoms. While I hope that the list of coping activities I posted will help people, I think showing how I'm using these activities in my every day life might help more. So, "survival skills" will be an ongoing series of entries about various things I am doing to get through tough moments.


  1. Looking forward to it. I like the idea of ongoing series because coping through tough moments is an ongoing thing!

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  2. Agreed! In every smaller, daily struggle, we build strength for the bigger challenges. I love the beautiful art space you and Tyler created - just looking at it is uplifting and makes me feel happy. Congratulations on every step, every victory, every slip turned into a reminder as to what's needed next, every blog entry, every insight, and every piece of painted pottery! You're doing important work that will last a lifetime and bless many folks (and maybe dogs too!) along the way. Thank you for sharing it. ily, Mom

  3. Hope, thanks for the encouragement. I look to, in addition to thoughtful posts, having posts that might help people take action - inspire readers to do try something that helped me feel better in a difficult moment.

    Katharine (Mom!), I couldn't do any of this with out your constant love and support. You're the best in the whole world. I miss you!